mid-shot of Nancy Odari

Nancy Odari’s Cancer Story - optional, affiliate modify

David Marbaugh  | 03/19/2020

Pastor, former nurse, mother and cancer warrior who supports others on their journey – Nancy Odari is all of these and more. “I want to encourage people to know that having cancer is not the end of life. It’s a new start of life.”  

Nancy received early diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer thanks to community health screenings through AMPATH, Lilly’s global health partner in Kenya. Through product and financial donations, Lilly and the Lilly Foundation support the AMPATH consortium, including AMPATH’s oncology center and mobile screening program for breast and cervical cancer.  

Today, Nancy helps others get screening for early detection. “In every life, you know there’s a purpose for it.”   

Learn more about Nancy and others' stories in our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Report [link to 2018 Lilly CSR Report on Lilly.com].